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Arashi Sales Post

Hi all! I'm not very heavily in fandom anymore so I decided to sell some of my Arashi stuff which is pretty much everything they released in 2010 when I was a huge fan lol. Please take a look and PM me if you're interested in anything!
Shipping in the US is free. Shipping outside of the US is ok, though I'll probably charge you for shipping.
Sorry for the not so great quality photos, let me know if you want more pictures or details about anything below. I realize some photos are upside down or sideways - I tried to fix it but nothing would work so I just got frustrated and gave up :P

$15 Singles - All Limited Edition, Japan

To be free
CD (Tracklist: To be free, original karoke)
DVD (PV + making)
Picture book (10 picture, 2 per member)

Love Rainbow
CD (Tracklist: Love Rainbow, Over)
DVD (PV + making)

Hatenai Sora
CD (Tracklist: Hatenai Sora, Ano Hi no Merry Christmas)
DVD (PV + Making + Photo Gallery)
Picture book (10 pictures, 2 per member)

Dear Snow
CD (Tracklist: Dear Snow)
DVD (PV + Making + Photo Gallery)

CD (Tracklist: Lotus, ever)
Picture book (5 pictures, 1 per member)

$40 - Boku no Miteiru Fuukei Album - Limited Edition, Japan

2 CD's

$30 - 5x10 All the Best! Clips 1999-2009

$8 - Ohno Scene 2011 Tour Mini Uchiwa

Pretty much brand new, never took it out of the plastic. I did just realize this is a very small needle sized puncture on the back in the bottom-left of the uchiwa - you can see it in the picture of the back. So I dropped the price to be fair.

$6 Potato Magazine - 01/2011
Front cover and 14-page feature (doesn't include other promotional/news pages Arashi is covered)
Also includes not pictured 2 front/back posters - Nino/Sho-kun and Matsujun/Oh-chan (sorry I gave the Aiba/Arashi one to a friend a while ago ><)

$3 MORE Magazine - 11/2010
Making this one cheaper because the only Arashi related thing is Nino's IT section which is why I bought this magazine. But it's a hefty magazine that is all about women's fashion.
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